Sunday, 21 February 2016 - FREE Games & Game Item Giveaways! - FREE Games & Game Item Giveaways!
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LootDrop #14 - Firewatch []
LootDrop #15 - Minecraft []

Hello everyone! We're here to announce our amazing community, JustLootMe, that is holding daily games & game item giveaways. Founded only three weeks ago, we grew from 0 members to an outstanding 2,200+ active members within our Steam Group!

We have many platforms we run on where you can keep up to date for when we launch new giveaways and run community events. Our main platform currently is at our Steam Group where all of our announcements are fed.

We're also hosting giveaways on third party sites i.e SteamCompanion [] to reach out to the gaming community and share what we have to give.

So far we've had a good amount of successful giveaways where our users have given legitimate feedback via our Steam Group's discussion section.
Take a look at our Testimonials .

To find out more information on all we have to offer, come and say "Hey!" at the following sites, social media and of course our Steam Group. - Official Website [] - Steam Group - Twitter - Facebook - []
                                                          STAY TUNNED FOR MORE GIVEAWAYS! 

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